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The Future of Flight, King Ricochet, is one of the hottest independent sensations to date. Born in Paducah, Kentucky on October 11, 1988, Ricochet began his career in wrestling at Chaos Pro Wrestling as Cameron Locke in 2003 at the young age of 15. No one would believe then that little Cameron Locke would grow up into one of the hottest unsigned talents in independent wrestling today. Whether he's tearing up the ring in Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE, and NJPW, or performing high-flying antics as Prince Puma in Lucha Underground, Ricochet is the only King the wrestling world needs.
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thumb_75_053 thumb_75_120 thumb_75_288 thumb_75_361

Ricochet vs. Matt Riddle

They both tried to attack at the bell, sharing a similar plan of action. Ricochet controlled early, looked to hit the people’s moonsault, but got caught in a triangle choke by Riddle. Riddle then worked repeated gut wrench suplexes. Riddle looked for the springboard knee strike, but ate a dropkick. Ricochet started to use his speed to avoid the striking game of Riddle. Riddle fought off the Regalplex, but Ricochet countered the bro to sleep and fired back with a series of kicks including a 360 enziguri. They both fired up and exchanged rapid-fire strikes; Ricochet hits the northern lights into the dead lift suplex for the near fall. Ricochet hits the shooting star press from the top for the near fall. Riddle countered the benadryller, Riddle then hit the bro to sleep and a jumping tombstone for the near fall. Riddle then locked in the bro mission, and Ricochet tapped.

Winner: Matt Riddle

12.11.2016 by kingricochetcom
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thumb_74_079 thumb_74_259 thumb_74_548 thumb_74_909

EVOLVE Tag Team Title Match: Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi (c) vs. Ricochet & Peter Kaasa

Williams and Kaasa begin, Williams looked to ground the speedy big man. Kaasa hit a suplex, but Williams worked the arm. Kaasa then sends Williams to the floor, tag to Ricochet, Yehi also tags in and quickly grounds Ricochet, declaring that Ricochet’s in big trouble. Back and forth action from Yehi and Ricochet. Ricochet picks up the pace, hitting the head scissors and a dropkick. Kaasa in now, hitting suplexes on Yehi and then the standing moonsault for 2. Ricochet then worked a series of double teams. Ricochet with kicks to the chest of Yehi before working a modified Gory special. Kaasa back in, more double teams on Yehi, but Yehi hits a lariat on Kaasa and tags Williams in. Williams and Kaasa traded chops, Williams cut him off before he could tag Ricochet back in. Yehi in to help Williams as they take the heat on Kaasa. Yehi worked the stump puller for a bit, Williams tags in and continues to ground Kaasa, hits the flapjack, he and Yehi continue to double team Kaasa, isolating him in their corner. Yehi works strikes until Kaasa hits a powerslam. Tag to Ricochet, but he’s cut off right away. He manages to pick up the pace, sends Yehi into Williams. Yehi counters the Regalplex, but Ricochet counters and finally hits it for the near fall Kaasa back in, it breaks down, double teams to Ricochet, shotgun dropkick by Yehi but Ricochet survives. Ricochet makes his own comeback, starts to run wild and then tags in Kaasa. They double-team Williams, but Yehi makes the save. Yehi sent to the floor by Kaasa, Kaasa then works over Williams, but is sent to the buckle. Ricochet returns, cutter to Williams, running shooting star follows but Yehi makes the save. Williams fires back on Ricochet with chops, Kaasa back in and misses the big elbow drop. Germans by Yehi on Kaasa, Ricochet back in and hits a knee strike to Yehi. Williams in, big break down into the signature move buffet and the crowd loves it. Kaasa hits a cross body, sending both he and Yehi to the floor. Ricochet and Williams go back and forth, with Williams turning Ricochet inside out with a suplex. Yehi works the guillotine on Kaasa, but he powers out into a northern lights suplex. Shooting star press by Ricochet for the near fall follows. William with the big DDT and Lariat to Ricochet. Kaasa back in, but Williams works the crossface. Kaasa misses the shooting star press, cross face by Williams, Yehi cuts off Ricochet and Kaasa taps.

Winners and Still EVOLVE Tag Team Champions: Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi

12.10.2016 by kingricochetcom
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thumb_69_041 thumb_69_173 thumb_69_711 thumb_69_771

Ricochet vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

They worked some slick and fast paced counter wrestling to begin. They did a few exchanges, one time with Ricochet escaping with his power advantage and the other with ZSJ using his technical skills to escape when Ricochet had the advantage. As they continued to grapple, Ricochet tried to use a fishhook to escape, an ZSJ yelled at him and called him a cheeky bastard. After a series of passes, Ricochet was picking up the pace and looking to do some flippity-dos, but ZSJ cut him off with a headlock takeover and then worked a head scissors. After a lot of effort, Ricochet eventually escaped and landed the standing shooting star press for the near fall. Ricochet then went to ZSJ’s wheelhouse and worked a series of submission holds. After a series of kicks, he landed the slingshot senton and did a little Eddie Guerrero shimmy. He then missed the people’s moonsault and ZSJ worked the triangle choke. Ricochet took the heat, starting to focus in on the arm of Ricochet and trying to break him down. Ricochet looked for the back handspring, but ZSJ kicked out the arm and then hit the PK for a near fall. Ricochet slowly started to make a comeback, and hit the high cross for a near fall. ZSJ blocked the suplex try, avoided the kicks but then got planted with a SICK Regal-plex for the near fall. ZSJ escaped the dead lift suplex attempt working the arm and then spiked Ricochet with a brainbuster. ZSJ back to the arm, looking to turn and rip off Ricochet’s wrist. They picked up the pace, and after a series of counters, Ricochet hit the cutter for a near fall. ZSJ countered the Bennadryller and got the prawn hold for the near fall. They then started to destroy each other with kicks and strikes, and Ricochet countered an uppercut into the backslide; ZSJ escaped and ran right into a lariat that turned him inside out. Ricochet landed a series of kicks, but ZSJ locked in the octopus. ZSJ transitioned into the hanging arm bar, but ricochet hit the northern lights suplex and then the dead lift into the suplex for a near fall. Ricochet went for the shooting star but landed right into the triangle choke! Ricochet desperately tried to power out, did with the single arm powerbomb and went up top once again and hit the 630 for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

09.11.2016 by kingricochetcom
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thumb_68_070 thumb_68_345 thumb_68_476 thumb_68_557

Ricochet vs. Matt Riddle vs. Tony Nese

This was originally Riddle vs. Nese, but Ricochet became available for the date and was added to the match. They worked a wild and very athletic opening, with cool counters and then a series of three-way kick and kick counter spots. Riddle started to light them up with leg kicks, so Ricochet and Nese double teamed him and then tried to one up each other and they worked over Riddle with an assortment of submission holds. They argued, allowing Riddle to fire back with some wicked chops only got Ricochet and Nese to take control back. Riddle fought back with a series of suplexes, Ricochet cut him off but then Riddle hit a flying knee and a SICK delayed German suplex. Riddle then got sent to the floor, Nese hit a dive, a tornado DDT on Ricochet and then a dive on Ricochet. Riddle worked over Nese in the ring, hitting the fisherman’s buster for the near fall. Ricochet back in, hitting the northern lights into the delayed suplex for the near fall on Riddle. They then worked into some strong three-way spots. They then went into a striking session, with Ricochet leveling Riddle with a lariat and all three men being down. They fought to their feet, trading uppercuts and chops. Ricochet hit a series of kicks and then Nese followed, Riddle sent Nese to the floor and ate a superkick from Ricochet. Riddle countered the bennadryller and hit the leaping tombstone for a GREAT near fall. He locked in the bro-mission and then Nese in with the 450 on Riddle to pick up the surprise victory.

Winner: Matt Riddle

09.10.2016 by kingricochetcom
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USA vs. Europe Series Match: Ricochet vs. Will Ospreay

Before the match starts, each wrestler puts on the others ring jacket and does their pose.

Ricochet and Will shake hands before locking up. They lock up and Ricochet with a wrist lock. Will with a reversal after a series of kip ups and he puts Ricochet in a side head lock. Ricochet with a head scissors but Will with a handspring. Ricochet with a head scissors and Will lands on his feet. Both men with handsprings and stand off in the center of the ring. They go to a test of strength but Ricochet with a stomp on the foot and punch. Will with an arm drag using the ropes and he hits a drop kick. Will kicks Ricochet and connects with forearms in the corner. Will with a chop and forearm in the corner. Will kicks Ricochet in the corner. Will calls for a suplex but Ricochet lands on his feet. Will with a side head lock.

Ricochet with a side head lock and he hits a side Russian leg sweep that sends Will flying in the corner. Ricochet with a chop in the corner and snap mare followed by a running kick to the back of the head. Ricochet with a waist lock and he has Will in an uncomfortable position for a submission but Will escapes. Ricochet with a seated abdominal stretch and he gets a near fall. Ricochet catches Will’s leg and sends him to the mat face first with a leg sweep. Will with a forearm. an Ricochet with a spinebuster and Ricochet sets up for the People’s Elbow but he turns it into the People’s Moonsault but Will moves. Will tries to show that he can one up Ricochet and he goes for a People’s Moonsault but Ricochet kicks Will away. Ricochet hits the People’s Stone Cold Moonsault but can only get a near fall.

Ricochet with kicks to the chest and a pie face. Will with a punch and jaw breaker. Will with chops and punches. Ricochet punches back. Will with a handspring round kick and both men are down. Will is sent to the apron and Will sends Ricochet into the turnbuckles. Will with a forearm and then he hits a corkscrew moonsault for a near fall. Will has a kick blocked and he turns it into an enzuigiri. Ricochet with a running cutter and a running shooting star press for a near fall. Ricochet gets Will on his shoulders but Will escapes. Ricochet catches Will on a handspring move but Will with a Blue Thunder Power bomb. Ricochet is put on the turnbuckles and Ricochet with a kick and reverse rana. Will with a reverse rana of his own.

Ricochet with a punch and Will with a forearm. Ricochet with a European uppercut. Ricochet with a chop. Will chops back. They go back and forth with chops until Will takes the advantage. Both men miss round kicks until they hit at the same time and both go down. They both go to the apron and Ricochet with an enzuigiri but Will with a round kick. Ricochet with a bicycle kick. Will with a forearm. Ricochet with a jumping knee. Will with a round kick. Ricochet with a super kick and WIll with a bicycle kick. Ricochet hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron and Ricochet goes up top and hits a 450 splash but Will kicks out.

Ricochet has the Benadryller blocked and Will with an enzuigiri. Will with a leaping cutter and a running shooting star press into a Phoenix Splash and he gets a near fall. Will waits for Ricochet to get up and he misses a spinning heel kick and Ricochet hits a bicycle kick followed by a Regalplex but he gets a near fall. Ricochet goes up top but Will moves. Will with a running C4 for a near fall. Will with the Essex Destroyer for a near fall. Will goes up top but Ricochet moves. Ricochet with a few kicks followed by a Northern Lights suplex and he holds on for a brainbuster and he gets a near fall.

Ricochet with a package Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Ricochet goes up top again and he hits a Shooting Star Press but Will gets his feet up. Will with a kick but Ricochet hits the Benadryller for the three count.

Winner: Ricochet (Europe 2 USA 2)

After the match, Zack Sabre Jr., Tommy End, and Marty Scurll come out and Will calls them maniacs and then says that since it is two wins each, they need a tie breaker.

Matt Riddle, TJ Perkins and Stokely Hathaway come out. Zack wants another American to come out.

Chris Hero makes his way to the ring

End and Hero look at each other and they go after everyone in the ring. Hero says he does not care about the tie. Chris tells Zack that they will have to have the tie breaker in a few hours. Ricochet and Will kick Hero but End takes care of Ricochet.

Kota Ibushi makes his way onto the stage. End kicks Ibushi but Ibushi kicks End. End goes to the floor.

Ibushi offers his hand to Ricochet and he shakes it.

Ibushi offers his hand to Ospreay and Will leaves the ring instead.

Ricochet takes the mic and he says that it feels great to be in Dallas. He says it feels even better to be back in Evolve. He says he has been gone for a while. He says the last time he was in Evolve was last WrestleMania weekend. He says you make Evolve one of the best places to work. He says he has a hectic schedule. As soon as he can, he will be back in WWN. He thanks everyone.

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Ricochet vs. TJ Perkins

They do some chain wrestling to start, then do some armlock reversals. They go into the lucha stuff and Ricochet headscissors Perkins and dropkicks him to the floor. Perkins comes back in and Ricochet dominates him on the mat, then plants him in the mat with a spinebuster and…does the People’s Standing Moonsault for 2. Perkins grapevines Ricochet’s leg and rolls through on him into a leglock, then does it again before turning it into a standing Indian deathlock. Perkins puts Ricochet’s shoulders to the mat with a Greco-Roman knucklelock, but can’t keep Ricochet’s shoulders down. Perkins hits a kneeDT and goes to a surfboard, but Ricochet won’t give up the arms, so Perkins stomps on the back of his knees and goes to another modified Indian deathlock. Perkins takes Ricochet to the corner and hangs him in the Tree of Woe, then distracts the referee so he can grind his boot into Ricochet’s ding ding and dropkick his knee. Perkins gets his modified Texas cloverleaf on Ricochet, transitions that to a kneeling surfboard, rolls Ricochet over with a headscissors, Ricochet rolls out, so Perkins headscissors him back to the mat. Ricochet cartwheels out of another headscissors attempt and hits a rebound Ace crusher, a series of superkicks and a leaping axe kick right to the back of Perkins’ head. Perkins escapes a fireman’s carry, but Ricochet with a stepover DDT and a running shooting star press for 2. Perikins counters a Regalplex attempt to a cradle attempt, and Ricochet counters that to a rolling cradle of his own. Martial arts kick exchange ends with both men down on the mat, then they get up and start exchanging right hands until Ricochet counters a rollup attempt to a wheelbarrow suplex, a roll-through vertical suplex, and a delayted brainbuster for 2. The fans are really digging this as Ricochet puts Perkins in position and goes to the top for a 450 splash, but Perkins moves, Ricochet tries to land on his feet, but jams his knee that Perkins was working on as he hits. Perkins quickly swoops in with a shot to the knee and puts Ricochet in a trailer hitch to force Ricochet to tap.

Winner: TJ Perkins

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Everyone has their very own dream match yes? Well WWNLive treated us lucky fans to an extremely intriguing dream match this weekend with Ricochet taking on recently released Justin Gabriel, who is now known as PJ Black.

It isn’t surprising that this match got a “This is Awesome!” chant out of the crowd. With suicide dives, and high-flying moves galore, these two took each other to the brink with their matching moveset. The match got even more interesting when both men went for a superkick on each other at the same. It wasn’t long though before Ricochet hit his finisher and picked up the win against Black.

And another dream match checked off the list.

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WrestleMania is upon us, and San Jose is buzzing with wrestling. But you see, it’s not just WWE that’s throwing out their best shows possible. WWNLive rolled into San Jose this weekend as well and kicked off the season with their Evolve 39 iPPV.

After a long tour of Japan, Ricochet’s best friend in the Galaxy Uhaa Nation returned to Evolve to join Ricochet and Rich Swann to take on the team of The Premier Athelete Brand’s Caleb Konely, Brian Cage, and TJ Perkins with SoCal and Andrea at ringside. In what was described as a fast pace match with fans apathetic towards PAB, Ricochet and his team snatched up the win when Uhaa Nation hit the Uhaa combination on Konley.

Things may be looking sketchy for the PAB with TJ Perkins supposedly walking out on the group, but who cares? Ricochet and his best friend are back on the same team once again. Everything is right in the world.