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The Future of Flight, King Ricochet, is one of the hottest independent sensations to date. Born in Paducah, Kentucky on October 11, 1988, Ricochet began his career in wrestling at Chaos Pro Wrestling as Cameron Locke in 2003 at the young age of 15. No one would believe then that little Cameron Locke would grow up into one of the hottest unsigned talents in independent wrestling today. Whether he's tearing up the ring in Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE, and NJPW, or performing high-flying antics as Prince Puma in Lucha Underground, Ricochet is the only King the wrestling world needs.
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Ricochet vs. Will Ospreay
Seriously, we were done – the crowd started doing the “ten” chant on this, and every other count-out spot on the show – but Ricochet and Ospreay pulled themselves back up to exchange punches and kicks, before they embarked on an insane sequence. Shoulder tackles, flipped out headscissors, blocked OsCutters and Benadryllers gave way to swerved kicks, and then the dualling handspring spot led to… the ropes breaking!They repeated the double big boot spot as they hit the mat – and out came some of the ring crew to try and make some running repairs. Fortunately, Will Ospreay didn’t land too badly from that handspring collapsing, and the match continued as Ospreay hit a shotgun dropkick to take Ricochet to the floor… joining him he dived over the middle rope. The pair trade shots around the ring to give the ring crew a shot at repairing the top rope. Ospreay does a Trent, chopping the ring post, before he’s held in place by the fans as Ricochet runs up to chop the Best of Super Juniors winner. Ospreay replies with a back suplex onto the apron, before he motions to the ring crew “what can I do without a top rope?!” It seemed that the ring crew were going to use a ratchet strap to put the top rope back up, but instead Ricochet pulls the loose buckle away and hits a standing moonsault off the grounded top turnbuckle. Confusing? Not really… That gets Ricochet a near-fall, but he’s quickly rebounding off the middle rope courtesy of a drop toe hold. Will tries for a springboard elbow off the middle rope, then he grounds Ricochet with a cravat and a rear chinlock. Ospreay comes off the ropes, but gets dropped with a pop-up tiltawhirl backbreaker as those bloody “ten” chants returned. They both recovered, and decided to F the top rope, unhooking the remaining buckles a la Chris Hero a few weeks back. A straight kick to the face sets up Ospreay for a springboard elbow from Ricochet,who then misses a roundhouse kick before drilling Will with a Regalplex for a near-fall. Ricochet seems to go for a Finlay roll, but he changes his mind as Ospreay elbows out and kicks him into the corner, finishing off with a Shibata like diving dropkick and a cross-legged Falcon arrow for a near-fall. Somehow, Ospreay succeeds in attempting the OsCutter off the middle rope, but it’s caught as a series of back and forth kicks leads to a poison rana from Ricochet, who then takes a standing Spanish Fly to leave both men down once more! Some rebounding forearm smashes leave both men groggy, before some chops give way to a roundhouse kick and a floating Northern lights that sees Ospreay counter the follow-up into a Stundog Millionaire! Ricochet comes back with a spinning suplex and a standing shooting star press for a near-fall, before he goes all the way up to the middle rope as he aborts a shooting star press, then gets a one-count from a Lumbar Check. Nevermind, an axe kick to the top of the head, then an inverted brainbuster is enough, as Ricochet wins the best match you’ll see between two fliers with no top rope!

Winner: Ricochet

by kingricochetcom
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Ricochet & Tessa Blanchard vs. Will Ospreay & Bea Priestley

We start with Ricochet and Ospreay… but Will instantly tags out to Bea, as does Ricochet. Blanchard uses Ospreay’s see-saw kip ups to get out of a wristlock, before she’s taken to the corner as Tess tags in… so Bea rushes to tag in Will. The crowd are all over Ospreay, who boots Ricochet in the gut before Ricochet comes back with a headscissor takedown. Will replies in kind, and they’ve gone from 0-100 in a matter of seconds. Ricochet and Blanchard land a pair of dropkicks before Ricochet fakes out a dive… but Tessa doesn’t! Back inside, Ricochet grabs a rear chinlock, before he picks up Ospreay for that bow and arrow hold for some turnbuckle batting and an airplane spin that dizzies both men. Tessa tags in to face the dizzy Ospreay, and she gets a drop toe hold for her boyfriend to follow up on with a dropkick. Priestley comes in and gets dropped, before an insane complex rope running sequence ends with Ricochet and Tessa taking a pair of Cheeky Nando’s! The intergender stuff kicks in with Ospreay throwing Blanchard into the turnbuckle, before a slam in the middle of the ring gives way to some double-teaming as Ricochet inadvertently tied up the referee. Bea chokes Tessa in the ropes, then grabs a camel clutch… before Ospreay catches Ricochet in one as Tessa is forced to eat some of Bea’s gum. Ricochet gets some too after Bea gives Will some to hand over. After those shenanigans, Ospreay tags in as Tessa tries for a tag, but he decides to make out with Bea – which leads to a double ‘rana from Tessa who finally makes the hot tag out. A back body drop from Ricochet takes down Ospreay, but Bea replies by shoving some gum into Ricochet’s forehead. So he decks her with a pump kick! Ospreay charges at Ricochet, but takes a 619 in the corner for a near-fall, before Ricochet uses his other half to take down Will with a rana out of the corner. A standing shooting star press gets Ricochet a near-fall, before Ospreay blocked a Regalplex and came back with a handspring corkscrew kick. Priestley and Ospreay combine to take down Ricochet for another near-fall, before Ricochet uses them on each other for an accidental DDT. Blanchard unloads on Ospreay in the corner with chops, but he takes her down… but not for too long as Blanchard drops Priestley with a forearm as this gets amped up again. A pair of Destroyers see the women come out on top before all four competitors are left laying. The two women exchange forearms, before Ospreay kicks Tessa in the midsection… but Ricochet enters to drop Will with a pop up powerslam. Tess is spun around by Ricochet for a satellite DDT onto Ospreay, before a hammerlock DDT from Blanchard takes down Priestley… but the Swords of Essex come down to really uneven things. Ricochet takes down Robinson and Wainwright, before wiping them out with a somersault plancha, but that leaves Blanchard alone in the ring. Bea kicks away at Tessa’s arm, then grabs a Kimura with some body scissors… but Tessa fights out and lands a move I don’t know how to call. A diving corkscrew kick from Ospreay cuts off Blanchard before she can make a cover, and all that’s left is for Will to drape Bea over Tessa to steal the win.

Winner: Will Ospreay & Bea Priestley

01.07.2017 by kingricochetcom
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WCPW Internet Championship: Ricochet vs. Cody Rhodes (c)

We start with cartwheels from each guy, before Cody takes Ricochet into the corner with a tie-up. Ricochet tries for – and misses – some signature stuff early on, before Cody snaps back with a Goldust-esque uppercut and a kick to the midsection, ending up with Ricochet dropkicking him to the outside. A Space Flying Tiger Drop sees Ricochet drop Cody in the aisle, and they head up the stage where Cody tries for a suplex. Ricochet knees his way out and slams Cody onto the stage as the pair head back to the ring. Ricochet breaks the count as he ends up whipping Cody into the crowd barriers. A kick to the chest gets Ricochet a two-count, before he comes back with a Bow and Arrow crossed with a Vertebreaker as Ricochet batted Cody’s head into the turnbuckles. Another near-fall follows from a roll-through into a dropkick, as Ricochet heads up top – only for Cody to cut him off and bring him down with a stalling superplex! Some back-and-forth punches follow, but Cody takes the upper hand with some clotheslines before attempting a Cross Rhodes, ending with a sunset flip out of the corner for a two-count. Another two comes from a Goldust-esque scoop slam, before Ricochet snaps back with a Regalplex for a near-fall himself. Cody goes to the outside for a drink of water, and of course he sprays it in Ricochet’s face. Ricochet comes back with a knee strike, but Rhodes fires with a Disaster Kick to leave both men laying… and that infernal “ten” count manages to ruin another part of wrestling. Blurry cam shows Ricochet landing a shoulder charge in the corner before Cody blocks a 450 Splash with his knees, turning it into a small package for a near-fall after the landing. Another knee strike from Ricochet knocks Cody down, as does the 619, before he climbs the ropes again for a shooting star press – but he rolls through as Cody rolled away. Cody turns a wheelbarrow attempt into the Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner and Still WCPW Internet Champion: Cody Rhodes

01.06.2017 by kingricochetcom
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