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The Future of Flight, King Ricochet, is one of the hottest independent sensations to date. Born in Paducah, Kentucky on October 11, 1988, Ricochet began his career in wrestling at Chaos Pro Wrestling as Cameron Locke in 2003 at the young age of 15. No one would believe then that little Cameron Locke would grow up into one of the hottest unsigned talents in independent wrestling today. Whether he's tearing up the ring in Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE, and NJPW, or performing high-flying antics as Prince Puma in Lucha Underground, Ricochet is the only King the wrestling world needs.
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After Mil Muertes won the main event, Catrina crawled in the ring and gave Drago her signature lick of death. Catrina and Mil then shared a kiss in the ring as she held up her magic death rock. From the top entrance, Prince Puma and Konnan came out. Prince Puma tried to enter the ring, but Konnan held him back. This ended Lucha Underground.

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Ricochet returned to Dragon Gate in Japan this past weekend to take part in a tag team event at Kobe Sambo Hall in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan.

On the 21st, Ricochet teamed with CIMA, Don Fujii to take on the team collectively known as Dia.HEARTS which includes Big R Shimizu, BxB Hulk & Dragon Kid. Ricochet and his team defeated Dia.HEARTS in the six man tag match that went 20 minutes. What a way to return to Japan, eh?

Below is a brief rundown of the match from

CIMA & Fujii came out with no X in tow. DK asked where the dreaded X was. CIMA praised him for asking such a great question. X was already in the ring. X was Gamma. DK told him to quit playing around. CIMA said that he suddenly received a message from someone who just had to be here for Kobe World. That fighter was also here tonight. Welcome back, Ricochet!
After the match, CIMA reintroduced him to the Kobe fans. It had been a long time, but all it took was one Facebook message to bring him back. It was hard since Ricochet has matches everywhere every week. Mexico, Europe, America. So, fans should enjoy this rare month. Ricochet was the real X today. He would also be X next week in Izumi for the Gamma homecoming. Y would also be in that match. Y would not be Stalker Ichikawa or local indy/promoter Hiroaki Moriya. He was someone who would be a fitting partner for Ricochet. CIMA, still high on the momentum of winning the Triangle Gate, hoped to have some sort of title match with X & Y at Kobe World. There was also a Z coming. He was of less notoriety than the other two, but he was someone the staff and roster loved having around. Whether they are teaming together or fighting, he looked forward to the next month. Finally, he brought up the ring costume Ricochet wore today. It was blue. He will remain a MONSTER EXPRESS member, so he should wear their colours. However, whenever the two of them team together he asked him to wear the blue.

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With the weekend winding down, WrestleCon showcased some of the best wrestling talent today in their very own supershow last night.

The show contained a wide array of matches that most fans would have never dreamed up, and of course King Ricochet was a part of them. How could they possibly pull off a supershow without the King? Exactly.

Ricochet teamed up with AR Fox and Jushin “Thunder” Liger to take on a team of Ring of Honor top talent in Roderick Strong, Frankie Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels. In what might as well have been match of the night that went over 15 minutes, Ricochet’s team picked up the win after Liger pinned Daniels after a brainbuster.

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Generation Next was once considered a great tag team so when they were scheduled to face the team of Ricochet and his best friend in the whole galaxy Uhaa Nation, everyone knew these two teams would tear it up.

So it’s not shocking when the match took place at Night 2 of the King of Indies earlier tonight in San Jose. Now, we could tell you how this match went, but really, where would the fun be in that? Well, if you’re that curious, Ricochet and Uhaa Nation fought a hard fight but they weren’t able to overcome the well-tuned tag team of Generation Next as Nation fell victim to Death by Roderick from Roderick Strong.

The victory celebration wouldn’t last long though before Strong attacks not only Nation but his own partner before Timothy Thatcher lays him out. What chaos!

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The fun continues as King of Indies started up their tournament last night.

As part of Night 1, Ricochet competed in the main event of the show as he took on one half of the world’s cutest tag team, Joey Ryan, and the very talented Matt Cross. In what can only be described as a fun match with a flurry of high-flying moves, Ricochet picked up the win on Matt Cross with a Michinoku Driver.

With 3 wins under his belt this weekend, we can only assume Ricochet is having the time of his life right now.

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Everyone has their very own dream match yes? Well WWNLive treated us lucky fans to an extremely intriguing dream match this weekend with Ricochet taking on recently released Justin Gabriel, who is now known as PJ Black.

It isn’t surprising that this match got a “This is Awesome!” chant out of the crowd. With suicide dives, and high-flying moves galore, these two took each other to the brink with their matching moveset. The match got even more interesting when both men went for a superkick on each other at the same. It wasn’t long though before Ricochet hit his finisher and picked up the win against Black.

And another dream match checked off the list.

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WrestleMania is upon us, and San Jose is buzzing with wrestling. But you see, it’s not just WWE that’s throwing out their best shows possible. WWNLive rolled into San Jose this weekend as well and kicked off the season with their Evolve 39 iPPV.

After a long tour of Japan, Ricochet’s best friend in the Galaxy Uhaa Nation returned to Evolve to join Ricochet and Rich Swann to take on the team of The Premier Athelete Brand’s Caleb Konely, Brian Cage, and TJ Perkins with SoCal and Andrea at ringside. In what was described as a fast pace match with fans apathetic towards PAB, Ricochet and his team snatched up the win when Uhaa Nation hit the Uhaa combination on Konley.

Things may be looking sketchy for the PAB with TJ Perkins supposedly walking out on the group, but who cares? Ricochet and his best friend are back on the same team once again. Everything is right in the world.

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